Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Electric Light by Philip Shearing - 2010

Electric Light by Philip Shearing - 2010


How many joules can I carry?
Will the miniature protozoa make it to the finish line?
Latest labours fall flat like Edmonton plains
All golden and graceful and pointless.
We whip the milkman until he creams his jeans
waiting for the choir to sing Hallelujah
My favourite colour holds my hand
She was born to face the wall...
and climb it.
Where do we hope to go?
Is our manner August and serene?
Maybe aiming is better than hitting the mark
Leaping lepers wound us with something dramatic
Nobody likes a quitter
especially smokers.
I'd lift the clouds if it made your lips twist
I would hang a thousand banners
and build ten sprawling castles
to make your eyebrow flutter.
Your love is ancient
From the true black soil
I dig it.