Thursday, June 19, 2014

Country - Africa - Live @ Sala Rossa on May 24th, 2014- review & video

Beaver Sheppard has been making genius/frenetic lo-fi acoustic freak-folk here in Montreal for over a decade, but since starting critically-acclaimed Montreal SleazeRock band Country, his musical palette has become even more colorful and effective. 

Beaver has defined a goal for SleazeRock, specifically to remain 10 years ahead of Los Angeles musically at all times. What would LA think?

Working with  bandmate/DJ/Producer David Whitten, his new songs are boisterous and sometimes approaching My Bloody Valentine territory, if they were playing the Dance Revolution Arcade Game while recording their bed tracks. Think Ride (when they still had pedals) covering New Order. This is music made for when your friend Molly drops by, ancient folk wisdom married to an Asimo robot at drone-point.

Here is Country live @ Sala Rossa performing one of their notable songs "Africa" live @ Sala Rossa on May 24th 2014.

Expect more from Country in 2014. We will keep you posted. Also, if you are a Montrealer, Beaver is a chef at one of the most notable restaurants on the island called Bethlehem XXX. [Ed. Note:  Jeremy Brendan Foodie Review pending!]

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Review - Brian Jonestown Massacre - "Revelation"

Break out the paisley, light your Colorado sticks and smile a little because Anton is back.This album is basically 60's psychedelia filtered through a fractured piece of pyrex coated in hallucinogenic remnants. It is an animal born in our day but sounds like it was frrom another time. Here you will find grooves that you can sink your incisors into.  There is a lot of meat to be had on this LP. It is top grade sirloin.

Here is the full album on Youtube.Brian Jonestown Massacre - Revelation

Second Sighting is fantastic. Also, most of the other tunes will make you want to purchase a lava lamp forthwith. This record will spin for many years on a great many turntables across the world. I give it four August Spies out of five. (Look him up on wiki if you question my grading system.)