Friday, December 29, 2006

20 years

We skirt the issues, clothe them in silk
and disregard the painted signs
You perch on kiss-yous, loaded with guilt
You turn the tainted blood to wine
I could become your ravenous joy
We'd make the town turn ox-blood red
Our children would build their own new toys
If we could smile outside our bed...

You are not god, you're not the prince
Evacuate the sunny beach
We've been the cod, our fins in splints
Emasculate the hungry leach
Engage our conscience 'till it's full
We've waited ages for your gall
It's time for real sailors to pull
because the sky's about to squall.


Anonymous said...

matt saya:

So you want a cigarette,also you want a figure eight,
There's now way, that's okay,
Be the perosn you should see.

After all the shit,
can\t believe I'm in this,
not a word, I'll be it.

Though I should be,
I can't see.
why I am the way i am,
Why I choose whio I see,
Why I say I should say.

I'm okay.

I'll never be who I should be,
I'll never be who I can be,
It's okay, I obey!\I do what I need to.\

Forget about everything,
It\s all the same thins,
just another day I need to pay.

Anonymous said...

Gimme a keyboard or gimme death.