Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Eight Thousand Apologies

I have been negligent of late, leading some to believe that my life was in jeopardy/I had dropped out of contention for the least desirable scene-invader on the whole island of Montreal. Never fear! I am not only in the running... I am a whorish malcontent with too much time on his hands who's still begging to have your ear, if only for a brief, auto-erotic second.

First off, one of my recent exploits is interviewing The Cloud Room alongside my love of loves, Phyllis. We were most effective in our quest to: A) get them totally intoxicated, courtesy of Canadian Journalists; B) reach into the pits of their souls and steal their mojo, only to share it with the readers of a major publication somewhere. Looks like it will be Rage Magazine, unless it doesn't happen and we end up putting it in the Mirror or the Hour. I'm not expecting remuneration but they definately expect dedication.

I couldn't have done it without Phyllis (right- picture). She has quite the pen and she knows how to hurl questions at bands like hot pieces of metal. I am most lucky to be working with a hack of her caliber--we are meant to be together like the moon deserves the fortnight, two media-peas (press???) in an IPod. Some bands put up that cool barrier but people like Phyllis know how to dig underneath of it.

Secondly, my new band is on the go. I have a virtuosic drummer worth his his salt and a snazzy new bass player, plus a couple of other artists waiting in the wings. Besides looking for a lead guitarist, we're writing songs and playing the occasional show. I will keep you posted.

Lastly, I have a practice space/party space/venue available for rent. Please let me know if you are interested in having a spot that can hold about two to two hundred fifty people or if you need an affordable place to practice in Montreal, PQ (my number is me anytime!). Cheers.


Anonymous said...

hey dude,

good to know that you are still plugging away! tell everyone i said to hell with them and i'll see you all on the other side after we all die from bird flu!

Anonymous said...

you think you're better than me don't you? Well so what if you are, I at least have a sweet stereo and my OWN toothbrush!

Static H. Fiveenwan said...

check this out, or don' I fucking care.

Jeremy Brendan said...

Hey! I have an OK stereo, still broken, but I do indeed have it in my possession.

Why can't you be nicer like the previous anonymous post individual? You're creepin' me out, man!


Static H. Fiveenwan said...

Who Am I? Who Am I? The better question is who AREN'T I? Or Who Is Me? I am the walrus! No, I'm not the walrus. Sorry about the insults and profanity, that definetly wasn't swang.

Static H. Fiveenwan said...

Don't ignore me! Please don't shut me out, your occasional, nonsensical quips are all that sustains me in this sea of heartbreak and water. I've got such bad heartburn, real heartburn too, not figuritive or symbolic heartburn, it actually feels like my chest is being fried on the inside. Watch "Un Chien Andalou". It's frigged up. TO THE DEATH RACE!!!