Monday, January 23, 2006

Canucks...get out and vote!

unless you want this guy goose-stepping his way into office.


Anonymous said...

Big Frank McKenna's says "Thanks, but no thanks" to the Liberal Party Leadership. Citing his previous years of service as Premier of New Brunswick and his recently departed post as Canada's ambassador to the US, he says he's had enough. If this were a sports story I'd assume he either wanted (a) more money
(b) a no trade clause or
(c) to play for a contender

The Liberals shot themselves in the collective foot and Frank Mckenna is saying "no no no, don't bleed on my rug!"

John Manley also has also said no. There is only one option left. You JB must make a stand. Enough bitching on the sidelines. It is up to you to take up the Liberal cause and lead us back to power.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

you remind me of santino rice.

Anonymous said...

fuck you? I'm off to google Santino Rice!