Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Dissonants - "Temper's a Chord" - Video

Recorded at Missy Bar on July 30th, this video features the Dissonants, Montreal's finest antipunk band. Raw and slightly jagged, their music is poppish enough to placate the masses but sublime enough to get off the critics. "Temper's a Chord" has a lot of energy and will restore vision to the blind, put arms back on lepers, and instill a deep sense of well-being in every living soul (and it chops a mean onion).

[Ed. Note: Google Video died and so did the video, and I don't have the here is a link to the song itself on Myspace...Cheers, Phil]

For more songs & tour dates, visit The Dissonants on


kiki said...

Hi! so glad to hear the dissonants online. my favourite dissonant song is november followed by temper's a chord. my slow to move computer (low speed!) el cheapo doesnt buffer the songs fast enuf and rations them out to me. still a thrill to hear you all! barbara(whose bro is into his 6th cd a
hope your group can inspire him moreto learn to play guitar!!!

kiki said...

check out kikiquela rivergirlranting in the blog

NickG said...

Rock out with your cocks out gentlmen!

Nice video, just wanted to pop in and say wassap to you, JB, and the rest of the gang. Ill be back in town the 4th or 5th of september.

see you soon mon ami

-Nick The Franco-American

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