Thursday, June 16, 2005

Strange Days Have Fallen

Proof that the impending weird has descended upon what we know as reality:

  • Warthog accident:
  • My Ottawain/Arizonan journalist friend Kenneth Hedges swerved to avoid a warthog on the highway and totalled his car. He wasn't injured but I believe that the police had to contact the warthog's family to tell them the tragic news.
  • Constant Rain Thwarts Busking:
  • Bereft of a bus pass, I had planned to busk each day this week to raise enough money to buy a week's worth of public transportation. Instead, Montreal's first monsoon season has struck and I've been chilling indoors waiting for it to subside.
  • Dissonants Shows=Buttah!:
  • My band the Dissonants pulled off three shows without any major hiccups or other crises. Excellent crowd response, decent attendance, and ebulliant, gorgeous model-type friends cheering us on in the crowd. Couldn't ask for more, yet it boggles the mind just the same. (We're playing Missy Bar again on the 30th of July but I have to call the owner to confirm!)
  • MJ Escapes:
  • After the testimony of Jay Leno and Chris Tucker, a jury of Michael Jackson's peers allowed him to dart off to the little boy's room unmolested. Jesus juice? Macaulay Culkin? I am not one to believe in the apocalypse, but now might be the right time to join an Evangelical militia movement somewhere in Utah.
  • Odd Horoscopes:
  • Yesterday my horoscope said that I would get a job, or I would create something of artistic merit. I had a job interview at Discount Rent-A-Car and the interviewer seemed to dig my bohemian hippy-haired style and my lack of polish. He told me to expect a call within the next two days (I have to send him my references first, which could potentially nix my chances...even so...)
  • Relative Contentment on my part:
  • I am unemployed, bling-less, somewhat healthy, and I have to go to court for tax evasion. Even so, I am in good spirits and feel like everything is going to work out. This is the clincher that I think proves--in my sphere of existence anyhow--that strange days have fallen.

Anything bizarre happen to you lately? Please share it with us & perhaps we can find some commonalities or linkages between these disparate events.


QOTSAFAN1 said...

Perhaps you've been driven insane? Either way I'm glad to hear that you are in good spirits. Any recordings from those shows?

Jeremy Brendan said...

We're not insane. We're completely sane. Isn't that right? Yes, Jeremy. Of course it is. We agree.

We got our good friend Alex the Swiss to record 28.5 minutes of our show at Quai des Brumes. I'm looking for a webhost to hold the file and as soon as I track one down, I'll post a link to it on JB.