Tuesday, May 03, 2005

"Claws" by JB

So she's got claws
and they're out, apparently
I had no idea
My back hasn't been scratched
in ages

Sometimes a smile
is all you need to convince
the general public
that you're a normal person
while shopping

I planted the rose
The Vodka is in my closet
It will be emptied
sooner or later (sooner)
When the next cat comes to sleep


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Jesus never had to put up with this shit! Nice venom.

Kris said...


You're so damn lame. I'd say I was astounded by your cowardice, taking the back door like this instead of having the balls to do it in person... But it's actually not very surprising at all.

And it's so mature of you to decide to handle this where other people can read it. Class act all the way.

Admit it though, she DOES look beautiful in that picture, doesn't she? I'm sure she appreciates the publicity.

Jeremy Brendan said...

Let me face these allegations head-on.
Lameness: Yeah, my jokes are lame and I have a bad attitude. Verdict=Guilty.

Lack of Balls: I must protest that I lack in the balls-department. I was willing to walk on hot coals for my lover and when she told me that she felt "neutral" about hanging out with me, it hurt a lot and I guess I lashed out. I still have deep feelings and people in love (especially this sick unrequited shit) do very ill-advised things, like writing poetry or cutting off their ear (or is that epilepsy?). Verdict: Innocent.

Immaturity: I didn't post a sexy photo of myself saying "Hey Ladies, this tiger is growling and his claws are out." I saw this as a sign that she was trying to spite me, to remind me that she could have any guy she wanted while I sat in my dingy pub and drank myself retarded. This also hurt me and while I don't regret writing the thing, I do regret posting it with a link to the blog. It isn't classy, in the least.
Verdict: Mistrial. (I think this blame should be assigned 50/50 cause she knew how I felt and yet still didn't consider me worthwhile enough to want to visit or stay at my humble abode more than once a month.)

So there you have it, Kris. And don't be so holier than thou, either. I somehow think that you've broken a few hearts in your day (and I will never accuse you of being mature, either!).

Peace, Love, and Empathy.