Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Bush's 2006 Budget; "Just When You Thought Things Couldn't Get Any Worse!"

The Bush administration released their FY 2006 budget proposal on February 7th and I think that it truly proves that he is a compassionate conservative. The only downside is that his compassionate nature only extends to wealthy industrialists and other shady characters, the ones with the keys to the war machine.

Bush's sordid gang of looters are planning to invest the retirement savings of American workers into the stock market. As Lyndon Larouche pointed out, this economic plan was already tried out in Chile with disastrous effects for their population. Of course, this was under the Pinochet Regime and was pushed through at gunpoint; hopefully, the American public will have the good sense to rise up and demand that their representatives throw this idea out before it bankrupts their future.

While Bush seeks to reduce federal expenditures, he has no real means of doing so without cutting his bloated military budget. The War on Terror don't come cheap, eh Mr. Bush? Since 2001, the Bush Administration has raised "overall Defense spending by 41 percent." It is disheartening to see so much money available for bombs and unmanned attack vehicles but less to provide for health care or education.

The Bush budget has a couple of other doozies that stand out like erections on a crowded subway car. For example, Bush has slated "$100 million to fund competitive grants for States to develop innovative approaches to promote healthy marriages." Healthy marriages? Are they going to pay for Viagra or perhaps give each American married couple a free night at some swanky hotel? My instincts tell me no, that this is just a polite way of saying "if you can stop those queers from getting hitched, we'll toss you some coins!" Past experiences tell me that the term "healthy marriage" can't be bought with currency; it must be fought for, tooth and nail, by two loving partners, whether they be straight, gay, or just plain crazy.

U.S. federal spending on education should amount to $56 billion USD, a decrease of 1 percent compared to the FY 2005 budget. The Environmental Protection Agency will also feel the pain next year; their 2006 funding will decrease by 6 percent to $7.6 billion. Even with reductions in these departments, the U.S. will still have a $390 billion dollar deficit to contend with, and projected annual deficits of at least $200 billion or more over the next four years.

Bush is definately concerned about young people who fuck without getting married first. The proposed budget will "(provide) more than $206 million for abstinence-only activities this year." Paradoxically, these sort of "activities" haven't really worked in the past, as teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases show no sign of disappearing across America. Neo-puritanism will never solve the issues of our time, no matter what the Religious Right's televangelists are preaching.

If there is a silver lining, it is for the Richie Rich jet-set club. The wealthiest Americans will enjoy the fruits of their lobbying and connections; they will save about $1 trillion USD over the next decade, money that could have gone to rebuild America's tumbling infrastructure or to uplift the needy. This will also exacerbate the ballooning national debt (an eye-popping $8.6 trillion USD, which is projected to rise to $11 trillion by 2010!).

Budgets like this one prove that when you put a blind man behind the wheel, you are sure to run into oncoming traffic. Fifty years from now, Americans will spit whenever somebody mentions the name George W. Bush. He makes "Tricky Dick" Nixon look like Ghandi. George Dubya's "faith-based" leadership is just that; he believes that his disjointed economic policies will work despite all other evidence to the contrary. If America is to climb out of this hole, they had better start praying.

[Ed. Note: This budget hadn't yet been approved by Congress as of press time. Also, most Democrats and a few key Republicans oppose many of the cuts in the slated budget. It will be interesting to see whether Congress gives Bush their seal of approval.]


Anonymous said...

bush's handling of the economy is a bit dumb, the 'abstinence only' item in particular. but the united states' debt as a percentage of its gdp is roughly comparable to canada's.

you mentioned lyndon larouche. i've seen his goons tabling around outside the hall buliding. know about this?


Jeremy Brendan said...

That is what really frightens me; Bush's consistent failures are so glaring and obvious that even nutjobs like LaRouche can find holes in his policies.

I don't really agree with Lyndon LaRouche on most of his own plans--building an international highway that crosses the Bering Strait, or returning to the gold standard--but his reference to Chile seemed pertinent to the current plan by BushCo to invest Social Security funds into a volatile stock market.

I guess a little bit of research on my part would have helped to back up my assertion that putting public funds at the service of the private sector's well being will be detrimental to America's citizens.

Anybody else have any thoughts about the proposed budget? The soapbox is yours!


Anonymous said...

here we go again with the fat cat bashing!

Anonymous said...

lyndon larouche is a psycho!

Jeremy Brendan said...

If you want to call it that, then I must point out that the American cat is the fattest in recorded history. When it sits around the house...er...anyhow.

I think that it is our responsibility to point out the flaws inherent in a budget that claims to be compassionate yet only feeds the military-industrial complex or a couple of large corporations.

I'm all for mom and pop stores or smaller corporations, which innovate and employ the majority of Americans (and Canadians).

What I'm against is "trusts" or juntas or Fascists or ethics-deprived CEOs that fire thousands of loyal workers and then leave with a twenty million dollar lotto cheque of a Golden Parachute.

If the cat is so slovenly, don't you think it deserves a kicking?


Anonymous said...

go hug a terrorist you hippie! Don't you realise that Gay marriage being illegal is the only thing keeping people from turning homo!?! By God have you seen that Johnny Depp. I ain't queer but hell if it ain't illegal I would sure as hell hit that! The Bush Administration and the Christian right is the only standing between wholesomeness and a writhing, sweaty sexnaught of newly liberated men and women exploring their friends and neighbours! God wants me to sleep with the woman i settled for and that's what I'm gonna do.

Anonymous said...