Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Arcade Burns For You, America

The Arcade Fire are on tour in the oppressed police state south of chilly Canada. If Bush has got you down, at least you can enjoy some great music and drink that weak putrid beer, America! [Ed. Note: What are you on? Keep writing posts like this and you'll be selling pencils in front of Alexis-Nihon Mall in no time. JB, give me a call.]


01.27 * Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
01.28 * Carrboro, NC @ Cat's Cradle
01.30 * Washington, DC, @ 9:30 Club
01.31 * Philadelphia, PA @ Theatre of Living Arts
02.01 * New York, NY @ Webster Hall
02.02 * New York, NY @ Irving Plaza
02.03 * Boston, MA @ Roxy


Anonymous said...

why is your blog called "my life as a reptile?"

(note: puncuation inside the quotation marks!)

Anonymous said...

it's called that because every full moon I transform into a cold blooded, tough skinned, forked tongue lizard king who preys upon the weak and occasionally strums a tune at the cock n' bull.

That's the last ime I'll answer that!

Jeremy Brendan said...

Not to be a Dudley Do-Right, but that last post wasn't me.

What I would have said was:

This blog is called My Life as a Reptile because I'm cold blooded and very vulnerable to changing seasons. Also, I am a direct decendant of those lumbering hulks that once walked the earth, ie. current journalists. (But I'll avoid the Great Extinction that is on their horizon, hopefully!)

While I am quite fond of Mr. Morrison, I don't think I could ever be a King. I'd settle for Lizard Prince. Honestly, I was on Unemployment when I started this blog so the name was just a way of drawing attention away from my half-hearted job search.

Peace be with you & don't trust a Bush as far as you can burn him!

P.S. Nothing to do on the 18th of February? Come to Reggie's Pub for a Great Show. Doors are at 9 PM, cover is 5 bones and there will be at least 3 bands to wet your whistle. First up is Choking Judy, next up is (my band) The Dissonants, and rounding out the night is The Casingles! Contact me @ for more information. Rock on.

Anonymous said...

So it was all a lie?

Jeremy Brendan said...

Only the pseudonym Jeremy Brendan. Everything else was absolutely 100 percent true. If you don't believe me, ask a reptile. He'll vouch for me.


Anonymous said...

are you still unemployed?

Jeremy Brendan said...

I'm at Concordia full-time in the Journalism Program.

I've also gone two full days without having a drink of beer or liquor.

This is a phenomenal feat since I had been drinking daily for the previous month.

I feel like I'm lifting planets.


Anonymous said...

how can i ever believe you again! Whoever you are!?! Oh God...YOU'RE CHENEY AREN'T YOU!

Everett said...

This is so wierd its like your inside my HEAD!