Saturday, August 14, 2004

Poem: "1.618"

[Ed. Note: The blame for this poem can be directly aimed at the novel "The Da Vinci Code". If you read about the Phi ratio it will make a little more sense.]

(6)gangly and malnourished;
(8)poplar trunks covered with dark moss.
(6)just long enough to reach
(8)pink pipe cleaners that hang so low.
(6)evergreen and pollen;
(8)from the early morning dewdrops.
(6)the differences 'tween
(8)lost souls and our appendages
(6)numbers to make me whole
(8)Our love is indivisible.

-Jeremy Brendan, 2004.
Any critics/poets out there? Flame away, my friends (or shower me with virtuosic praise, whatever floats your boat).