Friday, July 09, 2004

Wolf Parade Signed by Sub Pop

Montreal rock magicians Wolf Parade have been signed to the ultra-cool Seattle record label Sub Pop. Dedicated readers of JB may remember that we hinted at such an occurrence during the WP interview we published in April, but this Sub Pop press release put an end to the speculation.

Isaac Brock, wunderkind musician and de-facto leader of Modest Mouse, may have had something to do with this. In the Sub Pop press release, they credit Isaac with discovering Dan's phenomenal songwriting ability (while Dan was the composer/guitarist of now-defunct Atlas Strategic). Whatever he told the A & R guys at Sub Pop, it couldn't have hurt WP's chances. He has exemplary taste and good record labels listen when a great artist notices another band.

Above all, Wolf Parade's music is soulful and intricately layered, yet just abrasive enough to keep the punk kids interested. Don't believe the hype: just go and see them play live before they're filling stadiums and driving Bentleys. [Ed. note: Indie rockers buying luxury cars? You're just bitter, Jeremy...Bitter that you're bus-passing around to play open mics for free beer.]

Wolf Parade will be playing with Modest Mouse at the following venues in August:

  • 08-02 Royal Oak Theater- Detroit, MI

  • 08-03 Scene Pavillion- Cleveland, OH

  • 08-04 Kool Haus- Toronto, ON

  • 08-06 The Rialto- Montreal, QC

  • 08-07 Avalon- Boston, MA

  • 08-08 Hammerstein Ballroom- New York, NY

Check out their website for more information or to contact them (or even to schedule a gig!).