Thursday, May 20, 2004

Explosion Reported at Bombardier Factory in Montreal

Bombardier, the Canadian company widely known for it's manufacturing of snowmobiles, trains, and other vehicles, may have had an explosion sometime this afternoon. It hasn't been reported in the mainstream news media but eyewitness accounts have indicated that the blast was severe enough to cause traffic delays on Montreal's highways.


I just got off the phone with Dave from CJAD 800's newsroom and he was kind enough to clear up the details of the story. It wasn't an explosion, as the mainstream Francophone radio stations originally reported--it was a fire caused by a chemical leak in the factory. Thankfully, nobody was injured and some workers have been able to return into the building because an inspector considered it safe.

I had previously questioned the cause of the accident and wondered if it was a terrorist act. It shows you how easy it is to get caught up in the web of fear that is being spun by Bush and his arachnid-like team of warrior-politicos.

Once again, I've bested the online print media (Gazette, I'm looking at you!) at their own game. They'll probably write a blurb tomorrow so keep your eyes open.

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