Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Wolf Parade Loft Party This Saturday!

Citizens of Montreal, can I have your attention? Please open your day planner and scribble out anything you've got planned for Saturday night. The boys from Wolf Parade sent me the following message regarding a show they've planned for this weekend:
Hello hello,

Wolf Parade is playing at GO RIN DO AKA our loft space on April 17.....booze will be sold..."secret guests"....(really)...semiotic dance party...please come as it is a benefit for DVDA Research....

Full Info:

Wolf Parade

Naomi Watts (LIghting Boltish 2 Piece)

Sunset Rubdown (Spence from W.P. Eno impersonation)

DJ Da Hijak Arab (Non stop Dance Mix Eeek-A-Mouse El-p 50cent)

Doors at 9:30-10:00

Bands at 10:30

On and on to the "break of dawn"

Beer=3.00$ (please keep on D.L.)

AT Go Rin Do 4064 St. Laurent (above Barfly)

If you haven't heard Wolf Parade yet, you can visit their official site (don't ask me why Conan the Barbarian is opening a wine bottle. I would have thought he'd be a hard liquor imbiber, or at least a Mead drinker). You can also listen to some of their songs at New Music Canada.

I've done some digging and found out that the DVDA is a non-profit organization that tries to promote the use of the DVD medium for use in all sectors of the media (education, training, etc.)

Strangely enough, it is also the name of a band formed by South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. I would assume that proceeds from the loft party will go to the non-profit group DVDA, not the band DVDA.

I'll be there on Saturday night and if you can successfully pick me out of the crowd, I'll buy you a beer. Like the Wolf Parade said, doors open at around 9:30 PM!

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