Thursday, February 12, 2004

This morning, I was sifting through a box of horded treasure. I'm not a pirate--it's not like I have crates of bullion stashed away--this box was just full of papers, physical records of my college years. Going through the poems and late-rent notices from my old residence, I felt the mainline thrill of nostalgia kicking in.

Halfway through the box, I found a folded old pamphlet printed in blue and white. It was printed by the Canadian government and I must have picked it up at some point when I was living in Gaspé City. It reads "Se préparer à l'entrevue" (translation: Preparing one's self for an interview). I haven't finished reading it yet but it is chock-full of tips to increase your chances of success with those friendly folks in H.R.

The reason this pamphlet could be my saving grace is because I have a job interview today @ 10:15 AM. It's for the National Bank of Canada, a monolith that gainfully employs over 17,000 of my fellow Canadians. Being one of the largest banks in Canada, getting fat and happy from all those $1 Interac fees and that legalized theft (usury, ie. interest), I'm sure that the NatBank will be able to pay me handsomely (assuming I actually get the job).

Dear reader, I'm sorry that I'm sleeping with the enemy (capitalists). Then again, Fidel Castro hasn't offered to put me through University and I'm not holding my breath. If I am to pay my outstanding debts in a timely fashion, I have to work somewhere. Not to place blame anywhere, but if you guys would just click that "Paypal Donate" button once in awhile, maybe I wouldn't have to resort to such vile tactics as working the phones for a bank.

Let's just agree to disagree. Or better yet, let me get this job and make some money so I can go back to Concordia in the Fall and make something of myself (Journalism or Political Science, depending on the sagacity of the Journ. dept.). Until then, I am your friend and compatriot in the battle versus gingivitis. (Vote NDP in 2004!)

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