Thursday, February 12, 2004

I must offer an apology to the Haitian people. I have spent the past several weeks spewing my personal brand of vitriol versus the American president and neoconservative politics--a noble task, to be sure--but I've totally ignored the resistance movement going on in Haiti right now. Jean Bertrand Aristide, the dictatorial fiend and virtual ruler of the caribbean island, is laying waste to his own people every day and I haven't said a word.

At the risk of venturing into cliché, I feel that by not speaking out, I am implicit in the slaughter. Aristides thugs, known as "Chimeres" according to the Independent (UK), are roaming around beating any suspected demonstrators with baseball bats. The Haitian army is also involved in this horrid business and are wrestling with the rebels who control Gonaives, an important city of strategic value on the island, along with several other villages nearby.

The rebel cause is just and I sincerely hope that they succeed in overthrowing their corrupt government. Since Haiti isn't known for it's oil reserves, don't expect the Bush League to paradrop in and save the day. They will have to battle alone. If only there was a way to supply them with some sort of support. I'm sure they could use more arms, food, and fuel to continue in their noble uprising.

Let us all hope that they win the day and drive Aristide's régime back into the barbaric cave it crawled out of. And to all the other freedom fighters out there, good tidings upon you all. (I'm not referring to terrorists or anyone that seek to limit the freedom of humanity. When I say freedom fighters, I mean insurgents that are fighting for their liberty, not bullies that want to lock us all in cages or fly into our buildings.) 

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