Monday, January 26, 2004

On Wednesday, January 21st, I was lucky enough to catch the Arcade Fire & Friends (The Bell Orchestre and Wolf Parade) at La Sala Rossa (4848 boul. St-Laurent). It was a great show and left the whole crowd reeling. We Montrealers aren't used to being so close to such potent local talent, especially not a band that has been compared to luminaries like Neil Young, Bright Eyes, the Pixies, Björk, and J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. Personally, I think that the Arcade Fire is a hybrid of the Flaming Lips and Elliot Smith, only more punchy and less mopey. Win Butler, the lead singer of the AF, has promised us an exclusive interview and we are awaiting his transmission which should hopefully arrive within the next few days!

While I was at the show, I spoke to a slightly intoxicated Dan, lead guitarist of the Wolf Parade, a garage band that could teach Julian Casablancas the proper way to Stroke. They tread the same earth as bands like the Constantines or even Hot Hot Heat but they have a broader range and more of an edge. Dan informed me that the Wolf Parade has a couple of labels salivating in the continental USA and that they've been in contact with one of the members of Modest Mouse. This should bode well for them since Modest Mouse is an indie stalwart with both street cred and an impressive fan base to boot.

As soon as Win fires me back an email, I'll tap together a proper concert review/interview. Now, I must get back to my Google News. Over, and out.