Monday, November 10, 2003

I was digging through my old emails (from back in 2000!) and I noticed that I'm a different person today. Just to give you an idea of how I was when I was 20 years is the alphabet, summarized. (Reader discretion is advised)

  • A- Long live Anarchy
  • B- Ignore the Bastards
  • C- Don't be Converted
  • D- Life is Dangerous
  • E- Everyone has to pay
  • F- This world is Fucked
  • G- I wish there was a God
  • H- Nobody Helps you for free
  • I- I am an Island, alone
  • J- Born-agains love Jesus
  • K- Similar converts love Krishna
  • L- Love is empty and fake
  • M- Men try to destroy other men
  • N- Never will I fight for a country
  • O- Better to be Old and living than young and dying
  • P- Perfection only exists in our minds
  • Q- The Queen of England never went hungry
  • R- The Railroads were built on the backs of the poor
  • S- There is no such thing as Satan
  • T- Theology is a method of tricking people
  • U- Uniforms signify a hierarchy of domination
  • V- Very slim chance that we'll make it
  • W- the West had better chill out or the rest will hate
  • X- Xerox is a multinational who doesn't care about
    where they set up shop. They just want "X" amounts of
  • Y- Yes, this is very cynical of me but I just couldn't
    stand by and watch someone be so saccharine and
  • Z- Zeus himself doesn't even exist. We are alone in
    this empty cosmos, with only ourselves to rely upon.

Conclusion? I was going through a dark time in my life & I guess I was just bitter and hateful. Luckily, now I've progressed to the point that I can distill ideas like these and focus them on what needs to be done, instead of wildly firing my opinions in all directions. In other words, I've matured! It's not selling out, it's just getting your shit together. 3 Years is a long time, apparently.

Bush's speech to the "National Endowment for Democracy" was intended to promote democratic movements worldwide. Instead, it appears to have highlighted the disconnect between American values and with actual American foreign & domestic policy. Observe!