Thursday, September 25, 2003

Anybody know of a relatively clean, fairly cheap 4 and a half in the Greater Montreal Region? (We're greater than most!) I ask you this because our landlord is ready to skin us alive and we owe hundreds of dollars so we must evade his talons & flee to safety.

If you have any ideas (no roaches, no rats, preferrably close(r) to downtown than Pierrefonds, etc.), send them to this address: or click here. Thanks in advance!

Hunter S. Thompson did once say "Abuse your Credit for All it's worth" but then again, he was living in an abandoned shack on the coastline of San Juan at the time, drinking Rum like it was free & banging out all sorts of copy for the "Rotarian" Press ("The dry rot of American Journalism"), so he had some sort of income at the time. When all you've got to carry on your back is a typewriter and a couple of shotguns, it's easy to flop from place to place. I've got my guitar and amp & other junk that must be carted. It ain't easy being a consumer.

Last night, I was in a sort of self-destructive rant trip and I couldn't stop seeing things wrong with the world. Today, I awoke with the idea in my head that even if I couldn't change the world from this polluted ground, maybe 2 or 3 years down the line, I can get something done. In the meantime, I have to lay off the dope, stay at least 10 yards from any Pubs or Bars, and keep my hands out of the harder drugs. Easier said than done, especially since Drugs Are Cool and Fuck Authority and all those teenage slogans rolled into one. I've been carrying this Standard for so long that it has become tattered and faded without my noticing. I think it's time for a revamp of my goals & dreams. I have to put them back where they the top of the page.

Luckily, I'm in love (if you don't remember Kate, scroll down this Blog!!!) and I have a few good friends that I can count on. Let us hope that everyone in the world has a great day today.

Hey, I almost forgot. Former General Clark, who won the acclaim of Michael Moore and a few other Liberal pundits, seems to be a sure thing for Democratic nomination. He has several things going for him:

1) He's not Bush.

2) He used to be a general so he will appeal to the Right Wing Gun nuts out there.

3) He seems to believe that Multilateral action is preferable to Unilateral invasion; he also could command a large part of the Centrist vote (those Flip-flop voters who don't have an allegiance to either party but who go with the candidate that makes them feel warm and fuzzy).

4) He is against the Iraq war/occupation and wants to get the U.N. involved.

5) He seems like a tough motherfucker. He led NATO, for the love of Pete! Bush, being the draft-dodging oil baron that he is, has no way to sniff a victory this time, not even if Jeb puts those crooked voting machines into overdrive. With a failing economy, a military reserve force guarding quicksand, and with many civil liberties being lost day after day, Bush should be feeling the heat. This Clark guy might just be the Real Deal.

I'm not saying that Howard Dean isn't a great guy. I just can't see him winning the whole election because he's way too much of a hippy (he believes in Canadian-style healthcare!) and he doesn't have a backbone (he keeps changing his mind like a fucking weathervane). Don't believe me, though. Go to Google News for the best in Web Journalism! Or, better yet, visit and post some of your own!

My Regards. A la prochaine millenaire!