Friday, September 26, 2003

Wow. I had heard about the "Sabra and Shatilla" massacres, carried out by Phalagist Milita against the Palestianian refugee camps in 1982, but I didn't know that an Israeli inquiry concluded that Ariel Sharon was "indirectly responsible"! According to the Geneva Convention, an occupying force must ensure the safety of the civilians in the area it controls. According to Human Rights Watch,
"...then-Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Rafael Eitan testified that the entry of the Phalangists into the refugee camps was agreed upon between former Defense Minister Sharon and himself. Thereafter, former Defense Minister Sharon went to Phalangist headquarters and met with, among others, a number of Phalangist commanders. A document issued by former Defense Minister Sharon´s office containing “The Defense Minister´s Summary of 15 September 1982” states: “For the operation in the camps the Phalangists should be sent in.” That document also stated that “the I.D.F. shall command the forces in the area.”"
Since the IDF had a command post within 200 meters of the Shatilla camp, they had a moral and legal obligation to protect the Palestinians who were living there. So I guess Sharon is a war criminal, in the literal sense of the word. What will be done? As long as he's in the pocket of Right-wing American interests, nothing.
As a Jew, it is difficult to be constantly defending your faith while watching the only country on the planet that claims to stand for Judaism inflict pain and suffering on others. You can't change the past but why don't we try to change the future, for the better? Dialogue between Palestinian and Israeli moderates is imperative or else we'll never escape from the vortex of violence and destruction.

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