Friday, September 19, 2003

Reading through this review a couple of hours later, I realize that I've shortchanged Hawksley, to a certain extent. Just because the production is slick doesn't mean the album isn't great. All nine tracks are interesting and grow on you like a teenage goatee, little by little.

Also, Hawksley did give us a couple of extra reasons to wait for his next album in good faith--"Motorbike" and "Addicted"--two hidden tracks that appear after the CD is finished. I'm not sure if he wrote either song but they both sound like lost tracks from his previous album(s).

Hawksley is a puzzle, a rock-solid poet who can turn lyrics into gold, much like the alchemists of ancient times tried to transmute lead into something worthwhile. At the same time, he is disappointing, because we all see the massive potential that he has within his grasp but minor details have obscured it from view (ie. pressure from his label to sell albums, production gaffes, etc.). Trust me, though...he is strictly on the up and up.

Take a look at the cheesy review I penned for The Mirror. Of course, they bounced it...I wouldn't expect otherwise from a street-smart free weekly with no money to pay me anyhow (sour grapes? yes, they taste very sour).

Tonight, Kate is coming to Montreal with her friend Lexi. It should be a great weekend. Even though I consider myself quite the emotional guy, it's been a real challenge just getting through a week or so without seeing her. Every time she leaves, I die a tiny death.

Last night, I watched a mesmerizing show on PBS with Dr. Dyer (?), some sort of New-Age Cultish Guru. He has a tape he's out flogging right now called "Ten Steps to Spiritual and Mental Well-being" (or something like that). The 5th of his 10 "Steps" is quite a handy one to keep in mind. It goes something like this:

"Embrace silence. It is the space between the bars that hold the tiger. It is the space between the notes that makes the music."

Think about that one, chug a beer or two, and call me in the morning.

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