Monday, September 29, 2003

Next time you get passed over for a promotion at work, or if your latest attempt at fame has been stifled by some editor or entertainment personality, thumb through a copy of the Tao-te-Ching, "The Way of the Tao". It will set your mind at ease, if you let it. For example...

If you want to grab the world and run it

I can see that you will not succeed.

The world is a spiritual vessel, which can't be controlled.

Manipulators mess things up.

Grabbers lose it. Therefore:

Sometimes you lead

Sometimes you follow

Sometimes you are stifled

Sometimes you breathe easy

Sometimes you are strong

Sometimes you are weak

Sometimes you destroy

And sometimes you are destroyed.

Hence, the sage shuns excess

Shuns grandiosity

Shuns arrogance.

If we could all live by the ways of the Tao, I think that the world would be a peaceful, bland, amazing place to live. If this taste of "Tao" is leaving you hungry for more, open your eyes @ the Tao Te Ching (Charles Muller Translation). Lao-Tzu was one wise old dude.

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